Space Juice


Orbiting the star Pavlov, otherwise known as SCR 1845-6357A, Zorge was discovered towards the end of the great age of humanity's extraterrestrial exploration. Although relatively close to Sol at 13 light years, nobody had thoroughly checked if the only rocky planet in this binary system contained life. Early reconaissance revealed unattractive desert terrain on the only landmass, a dry supercontinent. But parked in its north western corner was the placid and harmless race of the Zorgons. Roughly five feet high with hooves, claws and antlers, these creatures were not industrious or curious enough to ever develop anything more technologically advanced than the crudest stone architecture, barring their precariously towering central palace.

Cosmogony - U to Z

The Zorgons were content to go about their lives without daring to disturb the universe. And the universe didn't disturb them. Until the discovery of red dust. The early scientific settlement on Zorge was funded by an episode of the reality VT show, Persecution Complex. Although the series producers knew of red dust's quality as a cosmetic, the scientists accompanying the production crew sensed something more.


Viscount a la Carte:

The Viscount is a shadowy figure. Considered weak by his aristocratic peers, the Viscount has never been seen as a serious contender for a seat on the Council of Plutocrats. Unwillingly thrust into the role of ruler of Far Western Europe by his father's early demise, the Viscount was also forced to become chairperson of his father's business, a high end antiquities dealership. The Viscount at first thought the drudgery of artifacts trading was beneath him, until he realised that the odd artifact he came across had peculiar, almost magical powers. Perhaps they could assist him in accumulating powers of his own. He has recently been forced to loan some of the less valuable items in his collection, including some pre-technological age manuscripts, to fund a casino being developed in the Cretan system.




It is believed the Zentrians tie in with the multiverse theory, although no one has been able to prove this. There is in fact no scientific proof that the Zentrians exist at all. Whether they are a race, an entity or a collective of spiritual beings is pure conjecture. Fringe historians who entertain the possibility of their existence postulate that they are an obscure ancient order and do very much exist in the physical realm, possessed of abilities that go beyond the bounds of scientific measurement. But those who claim to have been actually 'touched' by them describe a presence more rarified than time and space.