Space Juice


Proxima Centauri:

Closest star to the sun. Part of a triple star system. Several trading outposts orbit Proxima Centauri, drawing their power from relays collecting magnetic energy and solar rays from Alpha Centauri and its twin. No planets are present in this system although several dwarven planetary objects orbit Proxima. Measurements indicate that Proxima is slowly moving apart from Alpha and Beta Centauri, and will leave the system within the next few million years due to irrecconciable differences. Proxima Centauri is home to the famous football team, Real Centauri, winners of the Outer Rim Championship League 97 times, more than any other team in any other sport (NB: After Grulos Jandy won the thumb wrestling championships 98 times he unsuccessfully petitioned for its inclusion as a sport. The League of Worlds' Department of Physical Education (DOPE) rejected this request citing Jandy as a bad role model).

Cosmogony - P to T


While writing Space Juice the author was inspired to convey his impressions in that other most mystical of mediums: music. Below are sample soundscapes based on Chuck Marley's exploits, mostly as they occurred in his head. In the words of the irascible Zeen Crawdex who never misses an opportunity to bait anyone for their shortcomings: "Chuck Marley - legend in his own mind."


Here are a couple of tracks Marley mixed in his dorm with his NoReasonDX7, occasionally calling upon Gaston's classic music theory.

Dark House

While Marley snooped around the corridors of the lab complex on Zorge, Dark House thumped in his mind. Slowly the suspense accumlated until ... SNAP! Something snapped.

The Third Emperor

This track shows Marley's love of the epic. Many an evening disillusioned with his studies he would dim the lights of his cubicle a soft shade of malevolent blue, don his wrap-around headphones and imagine himself as the last man standing on Crete 581d after an attack by the Globulous Jellies of Procyon. The last man standing...The Last Man



Thuris Thanganis:

Chemist and alleged chef of special sauces, Thuris Thranganis is the son of Thracis Thranganis, one of the founding scientists of the experimental colony on Zorge. Thuris Thranganis intially joined the scientific settlement after the disappearance of his father, and quickly became consumed in his quest to create a conscious cloud after all attempts to locate Thracis had failed. His hopes of using this cloud to sniff out his dad's whereabouts quickly faded as his creations were too afraid to leave the labs for the atmosphere of Zorge and its threatening sand clouds. Rothball Hazard has barely concealed his contempt for Thranganis, going so far as to scrawl over his nameplate: "Chemist and studier of useless things".

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Rothball Hazard:

Head of Roboto-Genetic Engineering, Hazard was placed in charge of the scientific settlement on Zorge when chief scientist Irva Berling was seconded for research aboard the Chaldean Frigate. Like all members of his family, Hazard is ambitious and a strong believer in the technological superiority of the human race. He believes it is humankind's destiny to spread technology throughout the galaxy and to 'enlighten' those species who otherwise shy away from its benefits. His small stature belies a powerful intellect, although his equally powerful ego frequently brings him into conflict with his peers, not least the chemist Thuris Thranganis who, in Hazard's words, has "his head in the clouds".

Star Wars:

Star Wars took place a long, long time ago, a galaxy far far away. Space Juice is set quite far in the future, in this very galaxy!