Space Juice

Lunar golf:

Exactly the same as regular golf. Except for the low gravity, and the lava traps, and the moon buggies, and the par 25s, and the baggy astropants.

Cosmogony - K to O


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Foon is located 27 light years from Sol and in its deep forests emerged the Nunchians who possess unparalleled health and beauty. Their obsession with appearance has seen all their technological progress directed towards glowing skin, extravagant hairstyles and the elimination of all forms of dandruff.


Oort Cloud:

Due to its location in the outer reaches of the Sol System, cluttered by refuse from the remains of failed planets, the Oort Cloud is a favoured breeding ground for comets. It is also the preferred location for driving tests - the dense debris field pushes the skills of the trainee pilot to the limits and has made the vocation of 'driving instructor' the least sought career path in the sector.



1. A shadowy organisation who may or may not be present on Zorge to monitor the extent of human interference in Zorgon affairs. LOL condemn all forms of slavery, exploitation and discrimination and will stop at nothing to perpetuate their message of peace, tolerance and humility across the Outer Rim, even if it means decimating the odd battlecruiser, now and then, and not on a Saturday or Sunday.

2. Abbreviated form of the archaism 'Laugh Out Loud', used by early Earthens to indicate an expression of amusement. Historians are uncertain whether 'lol' was spoken or written.


The inhabitants of Khanaklooose embraced the arrival of the Earthen race when they touched down on their planet in the DX Cancri system. Or at least half the population did. The other half were mute and sociologists are unable to explain if they were always that way or became so only after human contact. The 50% of the population that did embrace humanity did so literally, wrapping their leathery limbs around the landing party's torsos, legs, heads and other appendages. Luckily for the the Khanaklooosians, the landing party was led by Walter Wiseman, great-grandfather of the chronicler William Wiseman, known for his good humour and love of physical contact.


Khanaklooosians like collecting human artificats including gadgets, antiques and even stamps, which are still used in more backward areas of the Outer Rim. They are also known for their extreme athletic ability, flexibility and have an inclination towards mysticism. To paraphrase Walter Wiseman as reported by William Wiseman (and cited by Dr Boson), they are a very adaptable, curious and rubbery species.


There are no Klingons in Space Juice.