Space Juice

Fast forward a 1000 years into the future and humanity is thriving. They are the self-proclaimed dominant species in the galaxy's Outer Rim, where several other intelligent life forms also reside.


These life forms aren't half as motivated as humanity to expand, explore and exploit and often find themselves at the mercy of humankind's subtle and not so subtle machinations.


Meet Chuck Marley, a young human who doesn't quite fit the mould of intergalactic explorer or globe trotting corporate executive. He is studying to be a Chartered Flight Attendant.


But inspired by his cartoon hero Captain Querulous, he longs to escape his humdrum existence on Crete 581d. An ancient manuscript in the Great Library may be the answer.


Surely his neighbour down the corridor, the eccentric historian Gaston D'Imbroglio, could decode the strange drawings. He might even eat his leftover pizza, saving him the effort of tidying up.


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Tales from the Outer Rim


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