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Proxima Centauri:

Closest star to the sun. Part of a triple star system. Several trading outposts orbit Proxima Centauri, drawing their power from relays collecting magnetic energy and solar rays from Alpha Centauri and its twin. No planets are present in this system although several dwarven planetary objects orbit Proxima. Measurements indicate that Proxima  is slowly moving apart from Alpha and Beta Centauri, and will leave the system within the next few million years due to irrecconciable differences. Proxima Centauri is home to the famous football team, Real Centauri, winners of the Outer Rim Championship League 97 times, more than any other team in any other sport (NB: After Grulos Jandy won the thumb wrestling championships 98 times he unsuccessfully petitioned for its inclusion as a sport. The League of Worlds' Department of Physical Education (DOPE) rejected this request citing Jandy as a bad role model.


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These entries in the Cosmogony are from the abridged version of Dr Boson’s Dictionary. Writer of the first multi-lingual dictionary claiming to archive all known words used throughout the Outer Rim, Dr Boson's project was ambitious. Not only was he required to catalogue upwards of 400 million words and conjugations, some races communicate by sight, some by touch, and others by ejecting subtle vapours (Chitters, for example). In order to get the most out of Dr Boson's Dictionary one has to purchase the complete box-set with incredible isomorphic backscratcher and smelling apparatus.


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