Space Juice

Cosmogony - A to E

Betelgeuse Burger:

The contents of these burgers are a closely guarded secret. It is rumoured that no one knows the recipe in its entirety, but once a year five executives from Betelgeuse Corp gather on a satellite orbiting Betelgeuse VII. Each executive possesses a key to a safe that holds the recipe. Together they assemble and disassemble a burger from scratch, confirming the recipe’s integrity right down to the molecular structure of the special sauce.


Asteroidal Tendencies:

A mid-3rd millennium treatise by the stonologist Dooki Squelch. One of Squelch's less contentious claims includes the theory that "an asteroid's eccentricity is directly proportional to how many intimate encounters it has with comets." Later in life Squelch's theorising was increasingly erratic, with the outlandish claim that asteroids, comets and even the sun and planets were thinking, feeling bodies. Gaston D'Imbroglio wrote a treatise on Squelch to commemorate the celebrations at the turn of the 4th millenium. In accordance with regulations D'Imbroglio's work was filed in the Great Library on Crete 581d. It has been borrowed a total of 3 times by the same Jovian Jellyfish.



Discovered near the Oort Cloud in the outer reaches of the Sol System, the Chitters were forced to mine the Trojan Asteroids upon their discovery by the then Viscount a la Carte. Here many rich and rare elements could be used as electrical components to maintain the Viscount's collection of prestige aerial vehicles. After 350 Chitter years, the Chitters rebelled. The Viscount gave the Chitters independence when three of his R-Type Sports Coupe's malfunctioned in what is widely believed to be the first, and last, instance of Chitter sabotage.


Chuck Marley:

Everything you need to know about Chuck Marley may be found in Space Juice, an ahistorical novel which recently found its way into the hands of Dan Wild, an as yet reclusive and otherwise unknown author.


Inhabits of Earth are known as Earthens, but many ex-Earthen colonies refer to them derogatorily as Earthlings.